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Enabling fast contactless checkouts, digitized customers’ experience and much more; simply scan and go!

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Fast and Secure


Initiate a quicker and easier payment option for your customers using QR codes and increase your Sales!


  • Save cost by eliminating paper receipts
  • Use data analytics to drive sales
  • Entice customers with discounts & coupons
  • Get found by customers and sell more
  • Send tailored promotions to customers for free
  • Compare competitor prices and stay informed
  • Reduce queues with our fast and contactless payments
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Efficient and Secure


Conveniently shop or visit your favorite malls/supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas, etc., without having to worry about carrying cash, debit cards, or wallets. Just scan to pay with your Smart Phone!


  • Create virtual shopping cart to plan your budget
  • Scan product barcode to get prices
  • Compare prices to get the best deal
  • Digital receipts you can access anytime, anywhere!
  • Access digital loyalty cards & earn customer points
  • Get notified on special offers & promotions
  • View transactions history to keep track
  • Request a QShopper; Pick up or get your grocery delivered
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Easy and Convenient


Get paid while shopping for others as a QShopper. It is completely simple and easy.


  • Be your own boss (earn while Shopping at your own timing)
  • QRaba settles you directly on behalf of clients
  • Just shop and go; we take care of others
  • Scan to pay the Clients' bills
  • Get rated and tipped; you keep 100% of tips earned
  • Get requests based on your location; how convenient!
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Simply Scan it!

Other QFeatures



Our app significantly reduces the insecurity that surrounds cash and account details information handling by utilising QR encryptions.


Our app ultimately improves transaction turnaround time with the integration of the Quick Response (QR) technology to all our features.


QRaba introduces fun and creativity into financial activities as it offers diverse ways of interacting with the QR technology to make transactions.

Contactless Transactions

Since our app is QR-driven, it promotes contactless financial transactions with its many advantages, especially in this Covid-19 pandemic era.

Quality Services

We utilize the best technological tools and resources to ensure a convenient and seamless flow of activities across all our features.

Efficient Customer Services

We provide an efficient network system that enhances interactions to contain customers’ feed backs, complaints, and reviews, 24/7.